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Ultra Compact Progressive Scan 480p DVD Player
with Component Video & CD/MP3/MPEG4/JPEG Playback


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Product Overview

If you’re looking for a quality DVD player that’s easy to set up and use, then Magnasonic’s Progressive Scan DVD Player is the perfect solution. With its compact shape and size, this unit will take up very little room in your entertainment stand. This DVD player has progressive scan capabilities and component outputs, which allow for superior picture quality when compared to regular DVD players with composite output. Plus, it not only plays DVDs – it will also play audio CDs, MP3 CDs and picture CDs.

480p progressive scanProgressive Scan 480p DVD Player
View your DVD collection in stunning color and clarity. Progressive scan technology allows for a smoother and higher quality picture by displaying video in 480p (progressive) instead of the traditional 480i (interlaced). Your DVDs are capable of displaying in 480p, so take full advantage of the increase in quality. This player not only plays commercial DVDs – it will play video from recordable DVDs and CDs as well. Compatible video media includes: DVD, DVD-R/+R, DVD-RW/+RW, VCD.

Ultra Compact Space-Saving Design
In designing this unit, Magnasonic considered the ever-growing collection of electronics that most people have amassed in their entertainment stands. With this in mind, they designed a high performance DVD player with a 225mm chassis that takes up a very small footprint.

Play your CD and MP3 collection, and display your digital photos on your TV screenPlay Your CD and MP3 Collection
In addition to DVDs, you can enjoy your entire CD collection on this system. It is also compatible with recordable media, allowing you to play mixed CDs. You can even listen to your MP3 collection on CD. Compatible audio media includes: CD, CD+-R/RW, MP3 CD, HDCD.

Display Your Digital Photos on your TV Screen
This DVD player can read digital pictures from a compatible CD and display them on your TV.Compatible media includes: JPEG CD/Kodak picture CD.

Easy Plug & Play Setup with RCA Connections
Connecting this unit to your TV is a breeze. Simply plug it into your TV’s RCA component and audio jacks. If your TV doesn’t have component connections, you can plug it into the standard composite jack. This DVD player also has a digital coax audio port that you can connect to your home theater system for high quality digital audio.

MAG-MDVD225 LifestyleMultitude of DVD Playback Options/Settings
Along with the standard options, this DVD player has added features that allow you to customize playback options to your liking. The dynamic range volume option will reduce large variations in volume for night-time listening. Downmix mode will convert the audio to make it sound more like a movie theater setting (on supported discs).

Multilingual On Screen Display
The menu system can be set to one of four languages: English, Spanish, French, and German.
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